List of Restaurants and Pubs

With Greek, Turkish, and Italian influences, among others, there’s no doubting that Cypriot food is comforting and delicious. The climate of this famous Mediterranean island also allows for some truly fresh and flavorful ingredients to be used in Cypriot cuisine as well as amazing fish dishes.

Zefkas – Protaras
Fig Tree Bay George Zefkas Family Restaurant started in 2005.
It was the FIRST Taverna in the Area. Just off Fig Tree Beach it is the perfect location to eat breakfast, lunch or diner. Service is very nice with really with very friendly staff.

Vassos Psarolimano – Ayia Napa
In a beautiful scenery right in front of the picturesque Ayia Napa Harbour,  Vassos Fish Tavern success is based on 2 rules: pure and best quality ingredients and the personal service of the family.

Demetrion – Potamos Liopetrou
The Potamos Liopetriou, a long sinuous estuary of a small river lined on both sides with traditional Cypriot fishing boats, is three kilometres west of Agia Thekla. Demetrion is situated next to where the river disgorges into the bay beside a small sandy beach and a pretty little church.

Kalamies restaurant
Family-run restaurant has been popular with seafood lovers since 1976 when we first opened. Very popular amongst locals.

Hippocampus lounge
Discover the ultimate experience accompanied by the most beautiful view and delectable flavours at our Hippocampus Lounge.

Corner Restaurant Flambe
The Corner Restaurant Flambe brings a fusion of Mediterranean recipes cooked with love and care. Lovingly prepared dishes along with Cypriot hospitality make us stand out of the crowd.

Avra Restaurant
Beautiful food, amazing service and overall a very nice atmosphere. Everything is made in house. Perfect for lunch or dinner

Kafkaros Tavern
This restaurant specializes in Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. Tasty kleftiko, salmon and chicken soup can make a strong impression on you.

Knight’s Pub
A family run business since 1988. Takes great pride in our homemade food which is all cooked on the premises. If you are in the mood for a burger and a beer, there is no better place.